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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tips on Being Prepared Singer Cafe

Being a singer may have been the dream of many people. In fact, there are some among us who are willing to be a singer in a cafe - cafe just to practice skills and vocal performances on stage.

It's just walkin every cafe always show berfariasi music. Sometimes, as a cafe singer, we will be required to menyanyika songs ordered by cafe owners or visitors.
Therefore, preparation of a cafe singer must mature. Here are a few tips for you before appearing on stage cafe.

1. The first thing you should consider is your physical condition and hold a. To be a cafe singer, you need to have a maximum physical condition.

Good health course will also support voice and appearance. Thus, you will have a greater opportunity to get fans of the cafe Gated your impromptu singing.

2. Preparation of a cafe singer is not as easy as you think. There are some very important things for you to do. Mastery of the song would not be enough. you need to have a deeper knowledge of the world of music.

The more songs you master, the more likely that you get to explore the wealth of your ability.

3. Some singers may be more happy if he majored in musiktertentu flow. However, if you have the ability to expand to become a singer in various types of music, why not? There are many times when you will be required to sing a song - a song that you would never even anticipated.

4. You will probably always want the requests are coming will always correspond with the flow of your music. However, in reality will not always be the case. Mungkina you will get a very different song request with your characteristics.

You have a romantic dress like regular pop singer, but it could have been you will get a request or even a rock song dangdut.

As a professional singer cafe, you must have the preparation to face all the things that might happen. In this case. preparation of a cafe singer is going to require mental readiness and capability. If not, you will be threatened with dismissal.

5. Prepare yourself before appearing on stage should also involve physical appearance. Some singers cafe sometimes forget this because they think that they will perform at the cafe. In fact, the appearance will be very supportive.

What more if there will be many people who will see your appearance. Therefore, make sure you do not wear heavy makeup and clothes too excessive. Casual and regular appearance alone may be more attractive. Preparation of a cafe singer can be very easy if you got it right - really grasp feel to sing at the cafe.